Parts Of Your Garden That Will Need Regular Upkeep

Regardless of whether you love spending time in your garden or whether you only get out there when it’s blazing hot, there are parts of your garden that will need regular upkeep in order to keep it looking nice and presentable. So here are a few features to keep an eye on.


Over time, the quality of your fencing can wear down as it has to continuously battle with the various weather conditions and perhaps the occasion football being kicked against it if you have little ones in your household. So it’s useful to make sure that all fence panels are intact and that any broken ones are replaced as this can keep out unwanted animals. Depending on what paint you use for your fences, this may also need a fresh coat either every six months or annually. It may be best to invest in some quality paint and sealant that will keep it protected for longer.

Garden Drainage

Making sure your garden is draining water properly avoids any from travelling towards your property and building up. This can end up causing structural damage to your property as well as damp. If you live in an area where you get a lot of rainfall, it’s best to think about installing a garden drainage system. Enriching your soil with organic matter and picking the right plants can help with soaking up any excess water to stop it flooding. You could also think about getting a rain barrel to collect excess water from drains or a grassy swale which is basically a grassy hill to allow water to run off and drain away to a certain location.


Mowing your garden can often feeling like a chore but it’s like when you clean your home, once it’s tidy, it’s a lot more pleasing to live in. Mowing your garden will stop it from looking less like a jungle and more like an outdoor paradise that you want to spend time in. Regular mowing helps keep your grass healthy and eliminates some pests at the same time. It’ll also collect up any extra debris that’s lying around in the grass which can be handy if you have small feet or pets in the house that like picking things up and trying to eat them!


Along with mowing, it’s important to keep your plants and flowers looking prim and proper. Weeding your garden will certainly help to keep everything looking healthy and as weeds tend to grow in various areas, it’ll help keep any tiling looking neat. Weeds also rob your soil of precious nutrients and water that could be starving your plants and certain ones can contain bad chemicals that can be toxic to other plants. So if you see a weed, pull it from the ground immediately and keep on top of it.

As the hotter months come around, you want to make sure your garden is looking clean and tidy ready for plenty of days lying down in the sun and throwing many BBQs for friends and family.