Ecover’s stain remover review

ecover stain removerAs you know, I’m a huge fan of Ecover.

I’ve switched to their concentrated laundry liquid, after years of using their powder and I put Cillit Bang’s degreaser and Ecover’s Power Clean head to head to see which would win. View my video here.

Now I’ve been trialling their stain remover.

My daughter, though nine, is still a mud magnet. She’s at her happiest climbing trees and playing around in the stream and fields.

I’m delighted she’s such an outdoor girl, but her clothes suffer.

She frequently comes home with a smile on her face, mud on her clothes and water in her wellies! Ecover’s Stain Remover was voted the Which? Best Buy in the test of 15 of the stain removers on the market. It scored excellent marks on the removal of grease, oil and make up stains.

Ecover was the only ‘eco’ product that made it into the top three.

As we have hard water, I took advise from Ecover on how to use their stain remover in the best way. I was informed that there were no specific instructions for using the Stain Remover in a hard water area as the water hardness should not affect this product in the way itt does detergents.

The Stain Remover is designed to be worked into the stain with the brush and this action helps to loosen the stain. The item can then be placed into the washing machine and washed as normal. Some stains are more tricky to remove than others and if a stain has dried into the fabric it is a lot tougher to remove and may require a few washes before it is fully removed.

Not only did I put a muddy white t-shirt to the test, I also tried blood. Mr Green (whilst playing Bulldogs at Little Miss Green’s kickboxing class no less) fell over and cut his knee. Instead of wrapping it up he let the air get to it, but the cut must have opened during the night as the next morning there was a blood stain on the bedding!

Come back later in the week and see the results on the muddy white t-shirt!