Seventh Generation million baby crawl

million baby crawl for seventh generationWe’ve talked about some of the toxic chemicals found in toiletries and cleaning products many times on little green blog.

Seventh Generation and millions of babies are crawling to Washington next January to demand a law that will regulate toxic chemicals found in household products.

You can have your voice heard too by creating a crawler! It’s completely free and helps to support a great cause.

Very little research has been done to uncover the possible effects that household cleaning agents can have on children and pregnant women and only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals in use have ever been tested for safety.

The aim of the campaign is to

  • Take immediate action on the most dangerous chemicals
  • hold industry responsible for the safety of their chemicals and products
  • Use the best science to protect all people and vulnerable groups

Here are three ways in which you can take action:

  1. Join the million baby crawl.
  2. Attend a crawl to action event.
  3. Email congress.

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