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This week I came across a system I’d never come across before, that makes it super easy to get rid of unwanted items from your home; WITHOUT contributing to the guilt of putting things in landfill.

Decluttering is relatively ok for me, as we live in a rural area with space to store stuff. I also have transport, so it’s straight forward for me to take things to the recycling centre. But what do you do if that item is large and heavy, such as a fridge freezer or three piece suite?

And how do you get rid of things when you don’t have room to store them and / or don’t have suitable transport?

Gift Economy Sites

In the past I’ve used gift economy services such as Freecycle or Freegle. I usually have good success, but there are countless stories of members having no shows, which can be really disheartening. And now, as we’re getting back to some normality after lockdown, people are understandably wary of having an influx of strangers in their home collecting items.

Council Collections

If I call my council, they have just one day a week when they collect bulky items (which I still have to get to my kerbside by 7am), and in some areas of the country, these collections can be expensive. Research I did a few years ago showed me that a council might charge up to £100 to collect items from your home.

Love Junk is an innovative platform matching people who have items to get rid of, with licensed waste carriers who will collect from your home.

The process is simple, and I’ve learned alot about waste while researching them, such as collectors are charged by weight, not volume – so masses of polystyrene and packaging materials might cost less to collect than a pile of house bricks.

Set your Price and Wait!

You simply create s listing with a short description and photos, add how much you want to pay to have it removed and wait for nearby collectors to contact you. They’ll either agree your price straight away or negotiate a lower price. And don’t worry about not knowing the going rate for these jobs; as you fill in your listing a typical price for your job type and size appears.

97% of waste avoids landfill

On average 97% of waste avoids landfill with the Love Junk app, and a whopping 1 in 3 listings are reused by someone else via a charity or second hand dealer. If that’s not a feel-good factor, I don’t know what is!

The other upside is that collectors often respond quickly, so once you get the decluttering bug there’s literally nothing standing in your way! You have no fees to pay and all collectors are registered with the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier and are insured to remove waste.

One Man’s Trash

What I love about this system is that it turns our idea of ‘waste’ on its head. There is a saying that one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and the LoveJunk platform is really trying to prove that. It’s only available in London at the moment, but I hope that will change and they can expand to other areas of the country.


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