Eight Sustainable stocking filler ideas

bamboo reusable make up pads _ EcoPanda


Even though my daughter is grown up, she hasn’t outgrown the idea of having a Christmas stocking filled with treats! I’ve done my best over the years to indulge her and each year look for more sustainable options. As many cheap stocking fillers come with untold harm to the environment.

Here are some sustainable stocking filler ideas and I’d love to hear your suggestions too:


Fortunately my daughter has inherited my love of reading, so books are always well received. In a local charity shop we can buy five books for £1, so it doesn’t even cost much. In our community library, they often sell off old stock. Once they’ve been read, favourite books are kept and the not-so-favourites are given to another charity shop – it’s circular economy at its best!


Since the Blue Planet effect there has been a huge increase in the amount of companies offering zero waste or plastic free toiletries. Bath bombs are simple to make and turn a regular bath into a more luxurious experience. Solid shampoo and conditioner bars last for ages and can be transported without any danger of leaks – perfect for festival-loving teens!


Buying things that link to hobbies is great because it will seldom be wasted. Especially if you buy quality gifts. I once bought my daughter a miniature water colour set. It was in a small tin with a brush and she wanted one to take out and about on her walks for impromptu moments of inspiration. I bought it about five years ago and it’s still in use.


Make up can be difficult to buy as most of it comes in plastic packaging. But some manufacturers are doing something about it by offering refills or taking back packaging for recycling. One thing we should all be doing is removing make up at night time and this can mean using cotton wool or disposable make up wipes. I love these bamboo make up remover pads from EcoPanda.  You get 18 pads in a bamboo container and even a cotton wash bag to pop them in your washing machine.

Board games

As well as my love of reading, my daughter has my love of board games and charity shops or eBay are a brilliant way to find them. I’ve bought virtually new games for a few pounds and had enjoyment finding some vintage games that bring back memories of my own childhood. Again, once you’ve had enough of them, you can donate to a charity shop and share the love.


My daughter is a foodie and the way to her heart is definitely through her stomach! Sadly many Christmas treats come in excessive packaging, so this is where your creativity can come into play. There are loads of recipes online for making gifts such as cookies, truffles and gifts in mason jars or mugs. Have a browse and get in the kitchen. Favourites here include vanilla biscuits and cheese straws.

Reusable items

Being a student means my daughter is out and about. And grabbing food on the go can mean an astounding amount of packaging. Items such as a reusable water bottle, stainless steel straw and reusable cutlery set can reduce environmental impact so you can eat with a clean conscience. You’ll find plenty of ideas in my Amazon shop – buying through this link means I earn a small commission on the products you buy, without any additional cost to you.


No Christmas stocking is complete without at least one pair of socks! Choose a fairtrade brand or socks made from a more sustainable material such as bamboo.

What about you – what products would you put into a sustainable Christmas stocking?