Recycling – a load of hot air?

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Plastic bottleEvery year we go to a favourite holiday destination.

It’s a tiny apartment on the seafront with a spectacular view.

It’s our chance to unplug, unwind and relax.

But there’s a tiny problem.

In such a TINY house, it’s a challenge to do as much recycling as we do at home!

There’s simply nowhere to store it.

At home I’m lucky. I can store six weeks worth of recycling then take it to our local centre.

On holiday, we barely get through three days before the kitchen is overflowing with recyclables.

Fortunately there’s a simple solution.

A bit of a no-brainer, actually.

When you think about it – an empty plastic bottle, juice carton or milk jug are made up of what?

A huge percentage of air I reckon!

And it’s that air that’s taking up valuable space…

All you need to do is start compacting your waste and you’ll be able to store three to four times more stuff in the same sized space.

You can even buy special can crushers to flatten aluminium and steel food tins.

So flatten those juice cartons, cereal boxes and plastic drinks bottles.

You’ll save space which will enable you to recycle more and will mean less trips to the recycling centre.

And don’t forget your bags!

By using reusable shopping bags you won’t need to store plastic carrier bags that invariably take up room under the kitchen sink and threaten to jump out and grab you every time you open the cupboard.

And if you’re a business, companies like ESS can help you with industrial waste compactors – both static and mobile – depending on your needs.

By compacting waste you can save money because the number of times your waste needs to be picked up and transported is reduced. Which in turn reduces your impact on the environment from travel and emissions too!

What about you – how do you store recyclable materials in a small space?

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