Small Footprints zero waste challenge!

ranking-order-of-3rs-reduce-reuse-recycleYou know how I love a good reduce, reuse, recycle challenge and that’s exactly what Small Footprints has in store for us this week!

She writes “This week, before tossing anything out, consider alternate uses.

For example, could the item be composted or used for another purpose?

Could the item be given away and used by someone else?

And here’s a “biggie”: could we avoid the item in the first place thereby eliminating the need to toss it out?

The idea is to think before tossing anything and end up with less trash at the end of the week.”

Woohoo! a bit of zero waste for this week then and it’s come at a perfect time. My workload is crazy right now and it’s times like these when I forget being kind to the earth, so I’m up for stretching my muscles in the old landfill department as I know some bad habits have crept in recently.

At my best I accumulated just one rubbish bin of waste for an entire YEAR! Now it’s more like a carrier bag per WEEK, so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

There’s nothing like accountability to keep myself on track so each day I’ll catalogue and photograph my waste to see how I can best divert it from landfill.

What about you – could you join in with this fantastic challenge? The official zero waste week takes place the first week in September, so this is a great excuse for a practise run!

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