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Tips to improve your home garden

Submitted by on Monday, 17 December 2018 Loading Add to favourites  No Comment

When it comes to our outdoor space, if we’re not skilled in gardening, we often ignore it.

However, your home garden should get the same attention that your interiors get and with these helpful tips, you can improve your garden, regardless of your talents.

Rethink The Layout

The reason why your garden might not be reaching its full potential could be because the layout isn’t right for your space. Sit down outside and take a look at the landscape. Try and sketch out a basic layout of how you think the garden should look and what might look better where. Think about elements you can add to the space that will make it stand out.

Add A Water Feature

A water feature can be a great eye-catcher for guests and can make the garden look interesting. You’ll also probably want to sit out in it more often, even during the colder months! Adding a pond is also a great way of including some wildlife in the form of fishes. Make sure though that you get some pond filters to stop the water going murky and being filled with the debris that gets blown into the garden.

Decking Gives Your Garden Levels

Wooden decking can be great for giving your garden a different level, and it’s perfect for separating an area to your BBQ or any outdoor furniture you have. Decking doesn’t have to be expensive, and for some, it can be a great DIY project if you’re feeling adventurous.

Try and keep your decking in one corner of the garden so that it’s the main focal point when looking at it.

Experiment With Textures

Like decking, experimenting with textures can add more interest to a garden, and it also means you can reduce the amount of upkeep you need to do if you don’t fancy yourself as a gardener. Gravel, stones, and pebbles are all great for decorating a garden and it’ll minimize the amount of space where you might need to plant flowers and other various shrubberies.

Give Your Fences A Lick Of Paint

Throughout the year, harsh weather conditions and bright sunshine can affect the color of your fences. Therefore it’s a good idea to give your fences a fresh lick of paint every now and then to help them stand out. Your fencing likely defines the shape of your garden, so it’s good to keep it bold and bright all year round.

Add More Outdoor Furniture

A lot of gardens will just contain plants and flowers but adding outdoor furniture to the space, can help boost the appeal of the space so that you’re more inclined to use it. Perhaps a sofa swing would work well or an outdoor fire pit for the winter.

Many of us will only use our home garden during the hotter months, but it’s great to be able to enjoy it all year round. Make it a new project for yourself, to focus on improving your outdoor space, not only for you but for your guests to enjoy.


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