Are you ready for a smart meter?

smart meterI’m all for reducing our carbon footprint and our bills by being aware of the amount of energy we use.

In the past I’ve tried all sorts of energy recording devices from the Owl to the Wattson and even a small individual meter that you could use to track the amount of electricity used by just one gadget.

by 2020, every home in the UK will be offered smart meter which will give all of us the ability to see how much electricity we’re using in real time; in pounds and pence.

This will do away with the current need for ‘estimated’ utility bills; which can either mean you pay too much (and the energy company earn interest on the money you give them) or you pay too little and end up faced with a huge bill when your end-of-year falls.

interestingly, recent research by Smart Energy shows that only 18% of the population know what a smart meter is. And over the coming years, they will be checking public opinion every six months to see how perceptions and knowledge changes.

What about you? Are you aware of the pros and cons of a smart meter? Would you like one in your home or perhaps you already use one and could share your experience.

Here’s an infographic, showing what the current public opinion of smart meters is:


National Smart Meter Awareness