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Eco-friendly-homeMost readers of Little Green Blog know some of the basics of running a more sustainable and eco friendly home.

You know about switching to CFLs or LED light bulbs and using water filters so that you can drink the tap water instead of having to buy bottled water.

You know about composting.  But what if you’re ready to go bigger?

Maybe you’ve made a commitment to put part of your household budget towards a more sustainable future this year.

Here are some things that you can do.

Install Solar panels

There are still grants available for solar panel installations.

What’s great about these installations is it means you can use electricity, generated by a renewable resource, for FREE during daylight hours!

The company who install the panels for you win too because they get money back from the grid. So it’s great for you, for them AND for the environment.

House insulation

A properly insulated home is important if you truly want to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and make it greener.

In addition to helping your house stay warm in the winter; a properly insulated house – that means the walls, as well as floors and loft space –  can help the house stay cool in the summer because the insulation keeps the cooler air from escaping. A well insulated home can ensure you live in comfort during everything from a hot Dallas summer to a cold UK winter!

You can choose greener materials for insulating such as sheep’s wool, hemp or even recycled denim jeans!


If you’re thinking about new flowing, cork is currently the greenest and best flooring that you can install in your home.

Unlike other types of wood that require serious deforestation, cork comes from the renewable bark of the cork trees.

It can include recycled materials, its absorptive properties help regulate the temperature of your home and it’s healthier for you because it’s naturally anti bacterial.

These are just three things that you can do to green up your home. Over the years these measures will not only reduce your carbon footprint, they will reduce your energy bills too!

What’s on your ‘green’ wishlist for your home this year?

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