Digital Invoicing helps UK businesses go greener

Digital Invoicing - helping your business go greener

Digital Invoicing - go greener, save money and help the environment

Digital Invoicing are based at the prestigious York Eco Business Centre.

Digital Invoicing use ecologically sound hosting services from 1and1 Internet Ltd and have kitted out their office with sustainable furnishings and stationery. Now they want to help other UK businesses go green with their fantastic online invoicing tool.

The concept is built around a simple to use wizard that produces pdfs or email invoices direct to your customer. This means no paper, no envelopes and no emissions from postal vans!

Saves time

However, Digital invoicing can save you time too. I’ve been using their free 30 day trial and I’m impressed!
How much time have you wasted figuring out spreadsheets and word documents? With Digital Invoicing you configure a few basic options and produce an invoice in a matter of seconds as well as record how and when your client pays.

Track time and sales

In addition you can track the time you have worked for a client or the items you have sold them as you go along. When you’re ready, you can produce an instant invoice from the system which automatically keeps track of all your bookings.

Recurring invoices

If you send out recurring invoices all you have to do is choose a frequency and the system will automatically send them out on the date you’ve chosen; ensuring you never forget another invoice.

Simple quotations

Digital Invoicing provides a simple method for generating and issuing quotations too. Just like invoicing, it uses a “wizard” to take you through the necessary steps as quickly as possible. You can set expiry dates against each quote, and even alter the terms and conditions on a quote-by-quote basis if you need to.

When you’re ready save the quote as a PDF document, or email it directly to your client.

Any quotations which are accepted can be turned into an invoice at the click of a button, or converted to bookings for invoicing later!

Small business use

Digital Invoicing is particularly suited to any small business which needs to track their time and sales or invoice clients for services or products. This will include freelancers and contractors such as photographers, graphic designers, event managers, consultants and trade professionals such as electricians, plumbers and landscape gardeners.

Easy to use

Using Digital Invoicing is like having a virtual Personal Assistant. If I can use it, anyone can! I find using spreadsheets tedious and frustrating, but Digital Invoicing makes everything easier and quicker. The system wizard uses easy-to-understand language so it feels like someone is there with you, showing you what to do.

Anything that saves time, money and helps the environment gets a thumbs up from me.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial and let me know what you think!