5 Benefits of Electric Radiators

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Gas has been the primary source of heating for some considerable time now, with an estimated 80% of British homes using it as their primary source of heating. However, as the world has changed, the demand for alternative central heating systems has too, and people are now looking for heating solutions that can help reduce CO2 emissions greenhouse gases.

The ongoing trend has now moved towards greener, low carbon alternatives to gas and with the Governments supporting this transition by announcing net zero initiatives with the aim of becoming net zero in the coming years, it is moving forward at some speed.
The Government announcements and the “Green” focus has meant a large swing in favour of electric radiators, being not only better for the planet, but easy to control, safer and in the long run cheaper too.

Energy Efficient

Electric radiators are energy efficient, that’s a fact and they come in different heat outputs to suit your requirements. An easy and effective alternative, electric radiators can help save unnecessary costs, heat your various sized rooms, and are usually silent (unless fan assisted).

Electric radiators allow you to programme your exact heat requirements with no energy wasted, unlike traditional gas radiators which can often only be controlled at a central hub and will lose significant heat through the pipes on the way to the radiator.

Installation of electric radiators is quick and easy too, they can go from delivery to on your wall in no time at all and can be installed in rooms where extending an existing gas system would mean a messy and expensive process.

5 Benefits of Electric Radiators

Alternatives such as electric radiators offer several advantages:

• Ease of installation: they can work completely independently of each other or of any other systems you may have in your home. Simple and easy to install. In most cases they can be installed in a matter of minutes.
• Longevity: Electric radiators have a great lifespan, some such as the Aeroflow have a 30 year guarantee.
• Low maintenance: Electric radiators come with great warranties, which means significantly less maintenance compared to other systems.
• Energy-efficient: Electric radiators use almost all of the energy heating your property and can be programmed to suit your lifestyle. More traditional systems can be far less efficient and often waste more energy – which can result in higher monthly bills.
• Better for the environment: Not only are electric heaters energy-efficient, but they also don’t require oil or other carbon-heavy fuels to run, making them a far greener alternative.

Moving to electric radiators moves you a step closer to being compliant with the government’s Net Zero 2050 target, something we are ultimately striving to be.

For further information on energy efficient radiators, please visit the “Electric Radiator Shop” website or call 0113 2399919.


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