Finding The Perfect Website Designer

how to find a web designerIf you feel you have something to write and want to set up your own website or blog, there are promises of being able to do it yourself, easily.

But the truth isn’t quite the same!

Sure you can set something basic up in a short time and be up and running, but when you want to add extra features, change the design, do some serious social media marketing or improve functionality, you might need an expert.

It can be a minefield to find the write web designer, so here are some top tips for finding the best ones…

Find a One Stop Shop

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the company offers a vast array of services. You don’t want to go for a business that merely offers website design and nothing else. A successful website is built on an array of complicated intricacies that come together to create the full picture. This includes everything from navigation, to layout, to marketing. There is no point in getting your website designed by one company and then getting advertising services elsewhere. This type of segmentation is likely to cause problems in the future. Make sure the company you select offers marketing alongside your website design.

Browse their portfolio

One of the most telling aspects of any web design business is their portfolio or case studies section. This is where you will be able to see examples of the work they have done so far. You will get a feel for the level of quality and creativity they provide. A good portfolio is always one that is diverse. This shows that the company has the ability to handle any task that is thrown at them.

Read the reviews

In addition to this, you should also read reviews that have been posted online by those who have purchased from the company in the past. See what they have had to say about the service they received from the company in question. Were they happy with it? This is the most effective method for knowing the quality you are likely to experience. If most people have been unsatisfied with the company, this is something you should easily be able to pick up on. After all, you will notice a wealth of unhappy customers that have taken to the Internet to express their dissatisfaction. Remember to consider reviews as a whole – don’t get blinded by one.

Experience and expertise

Last but not least, it is always important to assess the company’s level of experience. You don’t want to go for a business that merely opened its doors yesterday. You want to be safe in the knowledge that they have provided their services successfully time and time before. Plus, you want to ensure that they have built websites similar to the type of website that you require, for example, you may want to see that they have experience in building a fitness website. Or that they have built an environmental website. Or whatever genre you will be writing for.