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free solar panel from ISISAs you may remember, Mr Green replaced our lighting with LEDs and installed a couple of small solar panels to run them.

So far so good; we now enjoy free lighting most of the year.

We would love to install more solar and run things like computers, chargers and other non-heat producing appliances. Well, to be honest, in our dream world, we would like to be totally self sufficient with energy by installing some HUGE solar panels to run everything in the house!

ISIS Solar

Now there may be an opportunity thanks to ISIS solar; part of the Oxfordshire Sustainable Group.

ISIS has announced that it will help up to 18,000 homeowners install solar panels on their homes for free. Once installed, you will benefit from lower electricity bills while ISIS solar recovers the cost and makes a reasonable profit by collecting payments from the government’s Feed In Tariff legislation. It’s a win-win!

Reduce electricity

ISIS estimate that hose who take up the offer will cut their electricity bills by £339, and reduce their carbon footprint by 1.2 tonnes a year.

The company will cover all the costs, including the equipment, installation and maintenance of the panels, by collecting payments from the recently introduced ‘Feed-In Tariff’ legislation. Under this scheme Ofgem will pay out a fixed rate for each kilowatt hour of renewable power households produce.

Carbon footprint

While ISIS solar collects the tariff payments to pay for the equipment, you will benefit from vastly reduced electricity bills  and a more sustainable household that produces its own clean energy and uses fewer polluting fossil fuels.

The 3.33 kW systems that ISIS solar is offering will generate at least 2,830 kWh of electricity per year. So they work out, a family paying 12p per kilowatt hour of electricity will reduce their bill by £339 a year, with one of these free systems.

Free solar energy

If you have a south facing roof which is un-shaded, 24m2+ and structurally sound then contact them to see if you are eligible. You can call them on 0800 112 31 00.

If you are chosen, ISIS solar then arranges a hands-free installation process including surveys, technical requirements, regulatory requirements, registrations, certification, building regulations and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

The company’s mission is to democratise access to domestic solar power by building long term relationships with homeowners, enabling them to benefit from clean, sustainable energy without needing to find the funds for a large upfront investment.

Give them a call and let me know how you get on!

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