live more economically and save the planet

live more economically and save the planetOne of my areas of passion is showing people that a green lifestyle can be a frugal one!

We can be forgiven for thinking that a more sustainable lifestyle requires more money.
By the time you’ve installed a roof of solar panels, bought an electric car and dug up your garden for Geothermal heating, it can seem that a conscientious life is only reserved for the elite few.

However, nothing could be further from the truth!

I love how my green lifestyle not only reduces my carbon footprint, but reduces my bills too.

We heat the home with wood which we collect for free from local farmers. Yes we have to put in time and effort, but then we save on gym fees because shifting a few tonnes of wood every year keeps us fit and healthy!

By growing some of your own food you reduce food miles and packaging AND you get to eat healthily for a fraction of the price of supermarket food. You don’t have to get your car out  because you’ve forgotten to buy onions or you’ve run out of salad – you just walk outside and gather what you need.

Other ideas are simpler still – putting on a jumper then turning down the thermostat rather than turning up the heating, closing curtains at dusk to keep hot air inside your home and turning off the tap when brushing your teeth are small actions that collectively have a big impact.

This infographic from Baines and Ernst makes the point across perfectly.

You can see at a glance that a huge amount of heat is lost in our homes through the roof, walls and windows and that fridges and freezers use up large amount of energy.

So if you’re wondering where to begin with a more sustainable lifestyle then these would be areas to consider – get insulation in your home (there are grants available to help with cost) and keep your fridges in top working order – this keeps food fresher, reduces food waste and enables your refridgerator to work more efficiently.

What about you? Where could you save money and be more green in your life?

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