The Big November Turn-on! How to keep warm without increasing your carbon footprint

how-to-keep-warm-without-increasing-your-carbon-footprintYup, that’s right – November! This month is the month that most people – and many public bodies – finally cave in and turn on the heating.

In the UK, the average temperature falls by 3C over the course of October, so by the time November rolls around, you’ll be feeling the cold and you’ll be grateful for the heat!

Oil prices rise during the approach to winter, too, so whether you bought your supply during the summer – when you’ll get the cheapest oil from – or whether you’re looking for a delivery now, you need tips to make it last. Many people try to resist turning on the heat for as long as possible, as each day without the heating represents a money saving.

A challenge for you

That resolve has usually dissolved by November, but there could be a way for you to save more money and oil by waiting a bit longer still. If you’re healthy and active, and the rest of your family (including pets) is too, then why not try some of these ideas to save a few more days’ worth of oil and cash?

Put on an extra jumper

If the temperature is hovering around 16C, refrain from lighting your boiler and see how an extra layer works out for you. Try some thermal socks and even a snood around the house.

Spark up the oven instead

Christmas is just around the corner, right? So get baking gingerbread biscuits – you need to get this task out of the way and they’ll freeze well. You could also do some slow cooking to fill your freezer with stews and casseroles. You’ll be warming the place up and stocking it up, too!

Go retro with a hot water bottle

If you’re chilly in the evenings, invest in a hot water bottle with a nice fleecy cover. It’ll feel great when you snuggle it and it’ll retain its heat for a long time. Let the kids choose their own character bottle covers and settle them in bed with them.

Insulate the house more

As 16C is the accepted magic number for comfort and wellbeing, if your temperature is at or just below it, then see if you can retain more heat rather than producing more. Try using draught excluders, keyhole covers, sealing small cracks in window frames and around doorjambs and using clingfilm over your windows, even if they’re already double-glazed. You could even try our amazing space blanket lined curtains idea!

Clean the windows and open the curtains

If you have any south-facing windows, then give them a good clean and make sure you open the curtains when the sun’s out, especially if it’s shining. Early November can still offer sunny days, so if you’re lucky, one of them could save you some money.

Snuggle up together

Pets, kids, maybe even your significant other! You all produce body heat and a good old-fashioned snuggle on the sofa with a blanket can take you through another afternoon or evening. If you have pets that feel the cold, give them a jumper, or a cheap heating pad and an extra cushion or blanket.

If you have any ideas for braving the November cold, let us know.