the eco friendly alternative to an immersion tank

mixergy-energy-efficient-immersion-tankI have FINALLY found the solution to something that’s been bugging me a LONG time!

At home, we do as many things as we can to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

Water is heated with a wood burner during the winter. We use LED lightbulbs – some of which run on solar. We do a little ‘grow your own’ and keep chickens. You get the picture.

But one thing that has bemused me for many years is our immersion tank – which is all we have for hot water.

For a while we had a tankless water heater for the kitchen sink. Well, to be honest, it was an old shower unit that we rigged to a tap! But it didn’t work that well and we’re back to the immersion tank.

The thing is, they are SO energy inefficient. You’re basically heating a complete tank of water, 80% of which might be unnecessary. But if you leave that water overnight, it’s usually cold by the morning. And when you draw some hot water off to wash up, the tank immediately refills with cold water which makes it too cold to enjoy a proper bathfull later.

The design of the humble immersion tank has been annoying me for some time. Today though, I think I’ve found a solution!

I came across it via a company called My Plumber who offer a range of sustainable options including under floor heating and water softeners. In a newsletter they described the Mixergy tank – the eco friendly hot water tank, which only heats the amount of water needed. Everything is explained well in this short video.


If you’re looking to upgrade and live in the London area, a boiler installation from My Plumber is highly recommended as they not only provide a professional service, but are aware of promoting and providing more environmentally friendly options for sustainable living.

What about you – how do you heat water for your home efficiently?