How to get free heating for your home!

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sun streaming through windowThe sun is shining here in the UK today. It’s a beautiful day that reminds us spring is on the way.

On days like this we can get heating for free if we take advantage of the sunlight.

Tapping into the resources of nature are the secrets to a self sufficient and frugal lifestyle.

When you get up, open the curtains and blinds fully on all east and south facing windows to let the warmth in. You’ll be amazed what a difference this can make during the day.

The body can detect a change of as little as half a degree. Allowing the sun to warm your home will allow you to take full advantage of energy for free! Doing this is natural, will help reduce your carbon emissions, and is a more sustainable way of solar warmth

It’s so simple that most people don’t even think of it or give it credit. Yet, the bottom line is, that alongside other eco measures in your home, using the winter sun to warm your home can save you money.

We run a wood burner, so I am acutely aware of how much fuel we burn every day. When you collect, gather, cut and store your own fuel you know about every single log you place in the flames! It is unmistakable, that on days like today, with bright sunlight, we need to burn less wood in order to maintain the temperature of our home.

When dusk approaches, make sure you close the curtains to retain any warmth you have accumulated that day. Make sure your curtains are thick. If they are not, then why not sew blankets (try your local charity shops for wool blankets) on the back of them to create your own thermal lining?

south facing windowAs fuel prices rocket and non renewable energy sources are becoming even more precious, make sure you tap into the tiniest ways to make a difference to your home heating bill. Lots of small changes add up to make significant savings. Don’t underestimate how all these small actions can add up 🙂

It’s also worth remembering that boiler grants and other forms of grants are available for free and/or heavily subsidised heating systems in the UK.

Check out the eligibility criteria and apply at boiler grants and see if you qualify.

Gorgeous photo of south facing window is courtesy of who has a wonderful blog about exploring her art through CFS / ME.

Lovely piccie of the smiling suns from I love the innocence in these lovely drawings!

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