Decluttering at Chez Green

how to reduce electricity consumptionI don’t know about you, but I can really feel spring in the air.

When the weather’s like this, not only do I want to spring clean but I cant wait to get the family on  board with a big declutter!

Mr Green has a garage full of his “one day” stash. Oh, and don’t mention the attic and couple of ‘man sheds’.

Little Miss Green, being a typical teenager, doesn’t often let me in her room – but I’m sure the floorboards  are groaning under the weight of her stuff.

I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear and a pile of paperwork that threatens to avalanche every time I walk past.

It’s only Sunrise the bunny who has mastered the art of living within her means.

But deep down I’m a wannabe minimalist.

However, for all my green credentials I do have a confession:

Lean in closely; I’m only going to whisper this once…

I often dream of hiring a skip and having it on the drive for a month.

I know! Shocking Isn’t it?

Yes, this Green Goddess sometimes feels overwhelmed by the accumulation of stuff  that breeds overnight.

And sometimes, it feels like to much effort to sort it all in an Eco-friendly way.

Fortunately there are companies like Skip Hire UK who can’t wait to help people with their Eco conscience. Skip Hire UK not only save you money by advising you on the right size skip, but they tick some sustainable boxes too.

As an approved carrier, the company adhere to strict environmental regulations.  They don’t just take your waste away out of sight, out of mind; they ensure that all your unwanted materials are disposed of responsibly and they recycle as much as they can.

The company state ” We only use environmentally sound disposal methods and technologies to ensure that whatever is recyclable in your waste will definitely be recycled to minimize the impact to the environment.”

This is such a weight of my mind- it means we can get on with the serious business of decluttering whilst someone else supports us in being as sustainable as we can.

What about you? Have you ever done a successful declutter without putting to much in landfill?