Eco friendly alternatives to plastic sandwich bags

Sandwich_Cling_filmOne of our readers wrote,

“I’ve just been wrapping the families sandwiches for tomorrow, and I really don’t like using plastic sandwich bags. Does anyone have any alternative ideas that won’t cost a fortune?”

Here are some ideas:


Save the plastic bags you already have to reuse – such as bread bags and cereal inner bags. Once you’ve used them a couple of times you can recycle them.

Turn to tupperware!

A reusable plastic box will last years if looked after properly. If you think about it; all you need is for your sandwiches to be kept airtight and you can buy plastic boxes that are the perfect size.

Switch to paper

Paper bags from your vegetable box or mushroom bags from the supermarket can be reused and recycled and don’t cost a penny. You can reuse them several times before adding to the compost heap or putting in the paper recycling.


Kitchen foil is easily recyclable in some areas and is quite strong so you can clean it off and reuse a few times before recycling.

Magic material

By following this tutorial you can create your own, unique, reusable sandwich bags from old carrier bags – it’s genius!

 Investment options

Money is clearly an issue here, but if you have some disposable income a stainless steel lunchbox or bento box does away with the need for plastic bags and will last for years.

What about you – how do you wrap your family sandwiches?