How To Be More Eco-Friendly At Home

how to be more eco friendly at home


If you want to contribute to making the world and environment a better place, then you can do so right from your home.

It can take some time to change and alter your habits, so start small and do more as you get more comfortable with your new lifestyle and ways.  Here are some things you can try:

Make Changes in Your Yard

Step outside and take a look at what land you have. Even in a tiny space you can grow food in containers, windowboxes or hanging baskets. Another option is to consider installing artificial grass that doesn’t need to be mowed, watered, or fertilized. Hop online to order your free artificial grass ranges so you can pick the right lawn for your home and family. Remember, that if you use artificial grass, you’ll want to plant some containers with insect friendly plants.

Get in the Habit of Recycling & Using Less Paper

Another way to be more eco-friendly at home is to start recycling more frequently. Have a separate bin for your recyclables and explain to your children what items they can place in this container, so everyone is contributing to the cause. You may also want to begin using more technology and digital solutions in your home so you can cut back on using paper and do less printing.

Shop with Your Own Bags

When you go out shopping, remember your own reusable bags. With many places now charging for once-use disposable plastic carrier bags, and some supermarkets now not providing small plastic bags for produce you’ll save yourself both money and convenience. If you forget to bring your canvas bag with you, then remember to reuse the plastic bags you receive so that you continue to do your bit.

Cut Down on Energy & Water Use

There are environmentally friendly light bulbs in the stores that you can purchase for your home. Here are Little Green Blog, we use LED lighting.  LED lighting is bright and are very energy efficient. Other simple things you can do include taking shorter showers and geting any leaks fixed to cut back on energy and water use.

Walk or Ride A Bike Whenever Possible

While it’s not always feasible to not drive your car, it’ll help the environment if you choose to walk or ride your bike places when you can. Reduce your carbon footprint by biking to work or walking to the local store for a few groceries. If you must drive someplace, then consider carpooling with a friend or coworker. Or sign up for a scheme like Uber.