7 ways to make tap water more palatable

hart_waterOne of my Facebook followers shared an interesting dilemma.

She said “I have a very sensitive taste palette and cannot stand tap water, filtered water or most bottled water.

The only water I can bare to drink is Evian but it costs a fortune and is environmentally costly. I don’t want tips on how to flavour my water as I don’t really like it and chilling water doesn’t change the taste of it enough for me to drink it. Is there anything else I can do?”

The typical Britta cartridges you buy from a supermarket are pretty good at removing some things, but aren’t that refined if you’re particularly sensitive to the taste of water.

Although I don’t know specifically what the taste is, that she is sensitive to; fortunately there are lots of ways to make water more palatable.

Filter taps

Filters and other devices plumbed in directly to the water supply make a difference to the water coming out of your tap. These are easy to maintain and the filters often only need replacing once a year (unlike jug filters which need replacing monthly).

Local spring

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a local spring, you can fill up old bottles with beautiful clean water to drink.


The simple act of boiling, then cooling water can change the taste dramatically. It reduces bacterial content and the chlorine in the water supply gasses off.

Imploded water

A bit more ‘out there’ – a friend asked me to blind test water – one of which was boiled then cooled (that’s what I normally drink) and the other was boiled, cooled the sat on top of an imploded water pendant for 10 minutes. Readers I cannot begin to tell you the difference in taste! The water that had been sitting on the imploded water pendant tasted more minerally yet softer. It was beautiful!

Traditional terracotta  amphora

Sally at Natural Spa Supplies recommends a traditional terracotta  amphora.

Tests have shown that they purify, detoxify, condition and energize tap water. They’ve commissioned lab tests on nitrate levels, PH, bacteria levels and conductivity which you can read about here.

Wellness carafe

Wellness carafe filters, fit into a regular britta jug but they have more layers which the water is filtered through including Taichoseki mineral stone, bakuhanseki stone, SPG Sand and Far-Infrared Ceramic.

They say “[Our system uses a] multi-stage filter cartridge to reduce Chlorine, Lead, and other harmful contaminants from your water through gravity filtration. After water is filtered it passes through Wellness’ enhancement media which adds trace alkaline minerals to the water for a unique taste that can only be found with the Wellness Carafe.”


BioCera describes itself as a way to enjoy alkaline ionised water. They say it works like a jug filter but the filter cartridge works very differently to traditional jug filter cartridges.

The filter media in the cartridge is composed of activated carbon and three different types of bioceramic media. The bioceramics in the filter cartridge increase the alkalinity of the water, and have an antibacterial effect.

What about you – do you drink water straight from the tap or do you treat it first?