Using sesame oil for health and beauty

woman applying sesame oil to hairAnother of our ‘must have’ natural health items here at Little Green Blog is sesame oil!

Not just for stir fries, sesame oil has many wonderful health and beauty benefits and one of its most important properties is that it’s stable, unlike many oils which go rancid quickly.

You can use sesame oil safely both externally and internally. Use non roasted for external use and buy unrefined if you can.

Anti bacterial

Sesame oil has been used as a healing oil for thousands of years; it is naturally antibacterial and anti viral. it also has anti inflammatory properties.

Dry skin

Sesame oil lubricates dry skin, even on dry and cracked skin. For this reason it is the oil of choice for psoriasis and eczema.


Before you go swimming, apply sesame oil to your skin and hair to prevent chlorine damage.

Ringworm and scabies

Sesame oil destroys ringworm, scabies and most fungal skin diseases such as athletes foot. Rub onto affected areas liberally twice a day until the condition is relieved.


Sesame oil helps to keep the skin supple and soft. Sesame helps to control eruptions that result in spots and acne; which makes it a great oil for teenagers. It also helps to tighten facial skin, helping you to look younger, longer!

Nappy balm

Used on baby skin, sesame oil will protect against rashes in the nappy area. We used a mixture of sesame oil and witch hazel on Little miss Green and she had beautifully soft skin!

Dry hair

Apply a few drops sesame oil to the ends of your hair to tame frizz and add moisture. Sesame oil also helps control dandruff if you massage it into your scalp.


Sesame oil relieves constipation if a few drops are added to food during cooking.

Muscles and joints

Sesame oil helps joints keep their flexibility and makes a wonderful massage oil for sore muscles and the pain of rheumatism or arthritis.


Sesame oil has been shown to be useful in unblocking arteries. Molecules of sesame seed oil maintain good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

Coughs and colds

Sesame seed oil swabbed in the nose can protect against air borne viruses and bacteria; so use it throughout the winter months for natural protection against coughs, colds and flu.