Slightly Different Foods for IBS and FODMAP

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fodmap and ibs friendly storecupboard foods


About three decades ago, I gave my diet a radical overhaul. My health depended on it.

Out went convenience food, takeaways and afternoon chocolate bars and in came proper home cooked food.

This benefited me so much that I went on to train to help others. I now work as a therapist, specialising in helping those who have tried everything to support their health, but to no avail.

I’ve long held the belief that we are what we eat and its my job to help people sort out their food intolerances, eat well and live a healthy life.

When I began my journey in the 1990s, it was a pretty lonely place. Apart from a handful of weird and wonderful bits and pieces from a health food shop, there was little you could buy. Not many people had made the association between food and health and being intolerant to food wasn’t really spoken about.

Thankfully things are different now.

There are all sorts of brands who are committed to helping people allergies and intolerances, to enjoy delicious food.

Slightly Different Foods

We recently heard about the aptly named ‘Slightly Different Foods‘, a small family business that makes a range of award-winning Gut and IBS Friendly Store Cupboard Foods.

One of the main issues my clients have is that they don’t have time to spend in the kitchen for too long after a long day at work. So I’m always on the lookout for brands that are helping customers save time cooking.

Slightly different foods focus on store cupboard sauces that you can use in minutes. Often the base of the dish is the bit that needs tweaking and can take time and effort when cooking from scratch. But being able to open a jar and knowing that anyone with IBS or on a low FODMAP diet will be ok, can be a huge weight off your mind.

Low FODMAP storecupboard sauces

Our best friend’s son needs low FODMAP and it can be a nightmare at the dinner table, making sure he can eat safely while the rest of the family enjoy something else. These sauces mean everyone can enjoy the same meal, as you really wouldn’t know any different! They are designed with taste and convenience in mind.

We’ve been enjoying some of the sauces this week. Well, I’ll be honest; my daughter and husband have. While I’m really impressed that these sauces are free from all the major 14 allergens, I was a bit disappointed to see they all – apart from the tropical curry – contain a little added sugar. For me this means I can’t eat them, but the rest of the household are very inspired by these sauces and enjoyed them immensely.

I like that the founder has built the brand around being an IBS sufferer herself, so she’s clearly put a lot of time and thought into creating these sauces through her own experience. This lends the brand gravitas and indicates they aren’t just jumping on the latest food trend bandwagon. You get the sense there is authenticity and a real desire to make a difference.

I’ll definitely be recommending Slightly Different Foods to some of my clients. Many are time poor and looking for convenience without compromise. This is a brand that can help bridge the gap.

slighty different low fodmap sauces

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