Are you an indigo ‘child’?

Find out if you’re an indigo with Clare’s ‘Being Indigo’ siteNow I hate labels and boxes, but the Indigo child phenomena has always intrigued me. And of course, much as we might hate the restrictions of labels, we are all looking to ‘fit in’.

Convinced you’re an indigo ‘child’ or that you’re living with one?

Some of the major writers talk about indigo children and imply that you can’t be an indigo if you were born before 1980. But research (and frustrated Indigos) shows that there are indigos in their thirties and older.

Do you think you might be an indigo? Then check out this list to find out for sure.

If you know you’re an indigo and you find aspects of life difficult to cope with, then check out Clare’s tips so that you figure how to nurture yourself.

Clare, a busy indigo herself, has not yet finished her site, but it’s worth checking back to see what she’s added.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest of her tips.

One of the most exciting things Clare is offering is ‘Being Indigo’ workshops. You’ll learn whether you (or your child) is an Indigo or not, for sure – Clare has a kind of in-built ‘Indigo Radar’ so there will be no question in your mind once you’ve spent a couple of hours with her! In addition you’ll find out just how to deal with overwhelm and stress and how to get back in balance.

Clare says I set the site up because I want there to be somewhere Indigos can go for practical advice and support, to help them “wake up”, remember who they really are, figure out their life mission and bust through the blocks that have been holding them back. All of this will lead to happier Indigos, making the difference they’ve been longing to make”

Her September courses are fully booked, but you can book in for October. The first is in Cheam, Surrey on Saturday October 18th and the second is in the New Forest on Sunday 19th October. Both run from 10am – 2pm. You can contact Clare via her website to ask questions or book your place.

Clare is a wonderful woman, compassionate, non judgemental, intuitive, but totally down to earth. She has a scientific background in mechanical engineering so she is by no means away with the faeries and full of New Age talk.

Clare is setting up a Multimedia eCourse called “new moon manifesting’ which I can’t wait to read all about. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up and running.