Doing your best – lessons from a Hummingbird

hummingbirdFeeling overwhelmed about the state of the environment or that you could be doing more? Do you feel that people don’t understand your passion or your actions? Do you feel you are a square peg in a round hole?

This week I was fortunate enough to come across Wangari Maathai tell the story of the Hummingbird. She reminds us it’s often the smallest and least likely in the crowd who make the biggest difference.
If you feel that ‘your little bit’ isn’t making a difference, remember that you’ll never know how your actions affect people, the planet or the animals – so keep doing what you know to be right.

And remember; When you’re dancing with a bear, you can’t get tired and sit down. You have to wait for the bear to get tired!

Take a moment to watch this beautiful and poignant video, then go out into the world today confident that you are making a difference …