My Angels – happiness month day 7

whispering-hope-guardian-angelToday I’m celebrating my angels as part of Happiness Month. The idea is for a month you focus on what makes you happy and you share it with others. If we all do this, imagine what a positive world we could be living in!

I was bought up in the Christian Church. I went to church twice a week for 15 years and instead of strengthening my faith I grew more and more fearful.

The religion I was taught included a judgmental God who was watching my every move and punished me if I did wrong.

I used to cry myself to sleep as a child worrying about making mistakes, or about the people I loved dying. In my world once you died that was it – it was a simple decision by God of heaven or hell and that person was out of my life forever.

As a young child I simply couldn’t grasp the idea of ‘forever’ and it used to frighten me.

When I was 15 I finally plucked up the courage to tell my Mum and Dad I didn’t want to go to church anymore…[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1859060064[/amazon-product]

For the next few years I didn’t think about religion or spirituality. I was into the far more important teenage pursuits like boys, clothes and make up, but when I was 20 and left home I started to seek more meaning in my life. I explored Buddhism, paganism, spirituality and found a lot of comfort in different aspects of these.

I learned to connect with my angels, to trust myself, to respect and honour Mother Nature and learned about the continuation of the soul from one lifetime to the next. This gave me so much more comfort, understanding and meaning. When my Grandmother died, although I was desperately upset, I understood that we could still communicate with one another.

So today I celebrate my angels! They always listen, are always happy to help and are ready with a smile and some words of wisdom. Oh, and they have a wicked sense of humour – always reminding me to lighten up so I can fly!

To begin with I used “The Angel Oracle” by Ambika Wauters; I would clear my mind, connect and ask for guidance. To this day, whatever card I pick brings me absolutely the right message. I’ve used many oracle decks over the years, but this was my first and remains my favourite and most accurate.