Full moon eclipse in Capricorn

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lnar eclipse in CapricornToday is the full moon at 4 degrees Capricorn. The full moon is at 12:30pm (BST), along with a lunar eclipse! Wherever 4 degrees Capricorn falls in your birth chart will signify important turning points in your evolutionary journey over the next six months.

Today’s full moon asks “who’s movie am I in?”

It’s time to resume directorial control by taking your authority back from the world.

Direct your own life!

How do you want your life story to proceed? If you are prone to feelings of depression, they are often a reminder not to live life by default. Today you are asked to accept the responsibility for being the director of your own life movie and to reclaim your authority.

If you feel fear, often it is a symptom of loss of authority. Reclaim your authority from those you have given it away to – your father, your lover, your employer, your society… We give it away because we are fearful of being deemed an outcast, but release that fear by the light of the moon tonight in the knowledge that you have *everything* you need to support yourself.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]

Face fears

The moon in Capricorn knows that personal evolution comes through hard work and facing fears; so reflect on all the lessons you have learned, the evolution you have journeyed through, the situations, the people, the crisis’ you faced and triumphantly came through so you can see fear for what it really is.

Nothing is impossible with this full moon if you channel the powers of dedication and perseverance to heal yourself. Capricorn brings with it the gifts of courage, commitment and a desire to teach and inspire others so that we may gradually change human consciousness in order that we all live our lives through love rather than fear.

Meditation for full moon in Capricorn.

(from Donna Cunningham’s Moon Sign book)

Select a person or situation in your life where you have felt anxious, insecure or blocked and see a bubble of deep blue light around it. Imagine yourself in a similar bubble of light. Play the situation out in detail, then imagine that the other bubble is highly magnetic, drawing the fear or paralysis out of you. Along with the fear, the blue light is also drawn out so that you are left in a bubble of white light. End with the affirmation, “I release the fear and negativity that is blocking me”.

Personal reading

Want to know how this lunar eclipse will effect you personally? By looking at the house this falls in, we can determine the areas of focus for the next six months. Send me your date, place and exact time of birth (I cannot help you without this accurate information) and we can ascertain which things to let go of and which habits to break.

This lunar eclipse is going to be powerful with many traditional values being threatened or overthrown into chaos. By being aware of what is coming up, you’ll be empowered to assert your freedom and take control of the situation.

A reading costs $10 and you’ll get a 300-500 word hand written report which will speak deep to your soul and give you some pointers to get you fast tracked to success! Fill in a contact form with your name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth and I’ll send you paypal details. Once payment has cleared, your report will be with you in 3 days.

Photo Credit: Josephine Wall.

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