Full moon in Leo

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leoTomorrow is the full moon in Leo. It’s all about love and creativity baby!

It’s time to learn the true meaning of love when the full moon is in Leo. If you can balance the generous spirit of Leo with the need to be admired and recognised then you have the way forward for truly altruistic love.

If you’re dealing with issues of lack of self confidence, courage, strength and leadership qualities then tonight is the night to work through them. See the short ritual at the end of this article for one simple yet powerful idea.


The moon has no light of its own, it merely reflects the light of the sun. The reflection of the moon tonight asks “In what manner do I want to celebrate?” [amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]

Leo is a sociable sign; get together with friends and have some fun, or wine and dine the special person in your life. If your relationship needs some help, then you can rekindle things tonight and if you’re single you could set your intention to meet Mr or Mrs Right. If love isn’t your thing then use the creative expression of the Leo energy to create some beautiful art in words, pictures, movement or dance. You’ll sense all creative blocks will melt away today, leaving you feeling inspired and energised.

Share yourself with the world and the world will love you for it!


This is also a great time to balance inner selfish or childlike needs with the desire to accomplish for the betterment of others. This requires you to know yourself, to be able to take responsibility for yourself, so that there is plenty of your generosity and light to go around. If you constantly crave approval and recognition, then you cannot hope to be able to give to others.

Ritual for full moon in Leo

Light up your solar plexus and your brain with pink light. Write down all your negative beliefs about your self. Underneath each one write several tines, “I release the belief that I am…….” As you write blaze up the ball of pink fire in the solar plexus and imagine it is burning away all obstructions to self love. End with the affirmation, “I accept myself as lovable, capable and worthy.”


Ritual taken from Donna Cunningham’s “Moon signs” book
Beautiful Leo painting by Josephine Wall

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