Full moon in Libra

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libra - the scales by Josephine WallThe full moon today, brings us to realise how we relate to others. How do we remain true to ourselves and an individual while being harmonious with other people?

It is time to re/evaluate our partnerships – business and marriage agreements and those friendships in which we invest beyond the usual degree. Release or redesign those which leave us feeling depleted. Accept those that merely work and cultivate the ones that bring us a return, especially if the return is exceptional.

We may discern the type of tension a relationship holds for us by noticing the orderliness or chaos of our minds while we’re with those people and things. Compromising is completely appropriate and necessary at times, but not if you allow the relationship to erode who you truly are.

Use this full moon energy to achieve balance for both sides – yourself as an individual and yourself within your relationships.
Full moon
Through this full moon we can learn how to take the initiative alone; how to become self-sufficient and gain a greater sense of personal identity. Through this we are able to enjoy separate identities whilst in a partnership and thus can reach the true meaning of selfless love.

Love forms an electical arc between us and our beloved, opening up a current that flows both ways. When we are balanced in our relationship we glow – suffused with the energetic delight of feeling connection.

By the same token, it is time to honour our connectivity with the Universe and everything and everyone in it. Be attentive today to those around you and listen out for the secret messages sent to you from the Universe. Listen with an open heart and open mind and be prepared to learn from the wisdom within.

libra_constellationIt is time for us to learn about ourselves in order to be able to learn about others and our interconnectedness – we cannot afflict pain upon others without it coming back ten fold to ourselves. We are reminded to seek balance, fairness and justice in our day to day lives.

Libra is the peacemaker, the diplomat and learns and teaches through compassion and love both for the Self and others. What we choose to cultivate in ourselves, we cultivate in the community. The moon has no light of its own, it merely reflects the light of the sun. The reflection of the moon tonight asks “If we live in a culture, what will we cultivate together?”

Ritual for full moon in Libra (taken from Donna Cunninghams “Moon Sign” book)

Put yourself in a bubble of pink light. Visualise someone loved and lost or estranged in front of you in a pink bubble. Imagine a rope between your hearts representing all the difficulties or pain that passed between you. Burn these away with a pink flame coming from your heart. Keep it burning and say ‘release with love, heal with love, cleanse with love.’ over and over. When the rope has burned through, let the pink light fill your heart and send the person on their path with a prayer for healing. End with the affirmation “I release my sorrow over past relationships.”

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