Full moon in Pisces

Full moon in Pisces - art by Jo WoodIt’s a full moon in Pisces today. This month’s post is dedicated to Little Miss Green; my very own Pisces girl!

Can you feel it? This is one of the most creative and intuitive full moons of the year. You might notice that you’re particularly dreamy or inspired at the moment. Or that the ‘real world’ doesn’t make a lot of sense right now.

With the energy of this full moon we can make some real changes to the world by taking a good, hard look at ourselves. How do we offer serve to others? How willing are we to share our time and our possessions with others? What attachments have we to negative behaviours that are fuelled by fear and selfishness? This is the full moon to take stock of our attachments: do you cling onto relationships, career, status or possessions in a bid to repress your feeling of separateness?

Just as many people with eating disorders eat to fill their unmet emotional needs, we often attach importance and need to objects and inappropriate relationships to satisfy out inner craving for love because we do not know how to love ourselves, or how to accept altruistic love from others.

You are asked to remember today that separateness is the greatest illusion of all. We usually go to sleep to our dream, rather than awakening it through creative expression and by the light of the moon tonight, you are required to carry your personal vision inland, to where nobody has ever heard of it before and deliver your gift. We most readily learn the true meaning of peace through service to others. The moon has no light of it’s own, it merely reflect the light of the sun. Tonight’s full moon asks “How do you create, using no material outside yourself?”
Pisces constellation
Pisces has a tendency towards living in the realms of fantasy, which is fine in its place, but ultimately can lead to denial about the self and a desire to be rescued. This is the full moon for self responsibility and to recognise that the way we think and act has a direct impact on the state of the world at large as well as our close relationships.

Seek intuitively what is right and true for you on a spiritual level and to bring all your unnecessary attachments, addictions and anger to your consciousness for you to process. Surrender yourself to spirit and you will find all the answers you need. Remember, that just like our physical world, we need to create spiritual space before we can hope to bring in anything new. Now we must release everything. We realize that we’ve done all we can and must now simply believe that life goes on in the manner we’ve created it to do. Now we dive into black waters and let them take us, die to self but live for other. We see the lights around us but aren’t sure which to swim for, and all we can do now is swim. Feeling out of sorts is a good indication now that we’re heading down a detour.

Donna Cunningham - moon signs
Ritual for moon in Pisces, taken from Donna Cunningham’s ‘Moon Signs’ book – click on the book to buy!

Surround yourself with a bubble golden light and make a strong link with your own soul and the Divine. Allow to fully come to the surface that part of you that feels lost, helpless and overwhelmed by the difficulties of life, that part that wants to just lie back and have someone else take care of it.

Let the self-pity and the wish to escape from it all by blotting out consciousness come welling up. Then again forge the link with the Divine and with your own eternal self. Imagine a golden rain falling in your bubble and let the rain washes away all the hopeless, helpless feelings. They all flow down a drain beneath your feet and you are left with a clear sparkling bubble of golden light.

End with the affirmation “I experience my connection with the Divine”