Full moon in Scorpio

scoripio by Josephine WallTomorrow is the full moon in Scorpio! This is a powerful full moon full of potent energies and intense emotional power.

You may feel you have within you the power to change the world. You certainly *do* have the power to change *your* world.

The investigative, penetrative energies of Scorpio will allow you to move through pain, fear and disillusion, tearing down the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual, so that the two become one. This will enable you to discover your own truth. You have within you the power and potential to strip all things back to nothing and start from scratch, finding new manifestations for the energies you already contain.


Uneasy feelings are not unusual here, but ill feelings require an immediate evaluation of path and intention. In the light of this Moon, we re-examine for merit any previously discarded possibilities that happen to catch up with us. Perhaps in part or as a whole they have more to offer than before.

Phoenix from the ashes

The moon has no light of its own, it merely reflects the light of the sun. The light of tonight’s moon asks “What is my phoenix song and in what way will I sing it? If all of creation would listen to my song, on what would I have us focus?” Under the light of this full moon, we can burn away the conditioned voice of family and society that limits our vision of what is possible for us and the world. [amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]

Time to release

Here’s a scorpionic challenge for you: meditate on whatever you think you need for a secure sense of identity and imagine having it all taken away. You may find under the influence of this deeply probing moon that the ‘order’ you are clinging onto is in fact inhibiting your life. You may think you need these things but in fact, letting it go will give you *more* life. Are there habits, relationships, material objects you’ve always believed to be obligatory that you’ve held onto without question? Release yourself with unquestioning faith into the fire of re-birth and rise from the ashes, singing the song of your phoenix-side.

Increase libido

On a side note, if you are concerned about your flagging libido, then the full moon in Scorpio is the ideal time to do any serious ritual work on increasing it!

Visualisation for new moon in Scorpio

Think of some parts of your life you would like to be healed. Make a strong link with your Higher Self and ask for the strength and hope to transform that part of yourself. Establish a firm intention that during the next few days the door will open to healing this part of you – whether a healer, therapist, self-help book or some new strength and insight that wells up from within. Imagine yourself opening up to a healing energy from spiritual sources and take in as much of this powerful healing energy as you need.
Finish with the affirmation, “I accept my capacity to transform my life.”

Visualisation from Donna Cunninghams ‘Moon Signs’ book
Art credit “scorpio” by Josephine Wal