Full moon in Taurus today

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Taurus - by Josephine WallWhen the full moon is in Taurus, this is the ideal time to sort through material positions and financial outlay as well as clearing the home of clutter, especially that which is aesthetically displeasing.

Release any burdens, rework your budget and create spaces in the home for comfort, meditation, refreshment and other luxuries.

You are challenged with this full moon to move beyond your comfort zone in order to attain your desires. The stubbornness and potential laziness of the Taurean energy can sometimes make us expect to have things turn up in our lap. You have the potential to obtain what you desire most if you are willing to put in some hard work and commitment. Great staying power is possible with the help of Taurus so it can be used for you to stick to something or see a difficult situation through to the end if it is preferable to do so.

The moon has no light of its own, it merely reflects the light of the sun – the reflection of the moon tonight asks “How do I gain insight into the motives and need of others?” Once we hear the answer to this question we gain insight into our own lives.  In this way we can use the natural sensitivity of the full moon in Taurus to help in the service of others. The moon in Taurus, asks us to balance hedonistic pleasures with giving to others and to seek self worth from giving selflessly of ourselves.

This full moon calls us to be earth-keepers, ambassadors of whatever part of nature we love the most and to take responsibility for our part in ensuring the health of our planet. Accept that you are a part of nature that has evolved into a human being and adjust your desire for security to have a harmonious effect upon earth. If your choices and desires have a negative effect on the planet then we will eventually destroy ourselves with our lives of pleasure and greed.

Ritual for full moon in Taurus

Imagine filling your brain with green light. Write down all your negative attitudes towards money. Take each in turn and wrap them up tightly in a ball of green light. Say, “I release the belief that………” and imagine the ball blazing up in golden fire and floating away. Finish with the affirmation, “I release all attitudes blocking prosperity.”

Ritual taken from Donna Cunningham’s ‘Moon Signs’ – click on the book to buy!

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