Full Moon in Leo today!

full moonOnce upon a time, before clocks were invented, we used a huge, natural and beautiful clock in the sky. The earth was the centre of the clock and the sun, moon and planets were like the hands of the clock. Each of the zodiac signs represented the numbers one to twelve. By following the rhythms of this clock for farming and household chores, we were able to lead a respectful, self sufficient and sustainable life.

We lived our lives by this clock, knowing that the moon affected the tides, the plants and the animals and the planets all had an affect on the rhythm of life down here on earth.

Moon moods

More and more people now recognise that the moon affects our moods zodiactoo. There is suggestion that paramedics and Police have more staff on full moon nights to cope with demand for their services. There are more fights and accidents. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but it’s an interesting thought.

[amazon-product bordercolor=”#d8bfd8″ small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]Losing the rhythm

In our modern lifestyle we might occasionally look up to the sky on a particularly clear night to ohh and ahh for a moment, but generally we allow electric lighting and the modern calender and clocks to run our lives. Have you ever noticed how sometimes she is white, others silver, on other occasions she is creamy yellow or even golden?

Magical moon

I’m a bit of a moon gal myself. There is nothing I love more than connecting with her shiny form after a long day. I especially love the full moon and have happy memories of walking out late at night across the fields with the moon to light my way. Those were magical times.

Each full and new moon offers us a different set of tools to work with in our daily lives. Both in a practical and emotional ways.

Moon in leo

leoToday’s moon is in Leo and it provides the opportunity to learn the true meaning of love. If we can balance the generous spirit of Leo with the need to be admired and recognised then we have the recipe for the most altruistic of loving. This is the day to work through any issues of lack of self confidence, courage, strength and leadership qualities.

Time to celebrate

The reflection of the moon tonight asks “In what manner do I want to celebrate?” This is new moon to indulge in romanticism, partying and creative endeavours. Get together with friends and have some fun. Wine and dine the special person in your life. Rekindle your relationship if it needs a little help. Search for Mr or Mrs Right if they are not in your life already or create some beautiful art in whatever expression you choose.

Ritual for full moon in Leo

The soul loves ritual, so here is one taken from Donna Cunningham’s ‘Moon signs’ book. It’s perfect for the full moon in Leo!moon goddess

Light up our solar plexus and your brain with pink light. Write down all your negative beliefs about your self. Underneath each one write several tines, “I release the belief that I am…….” As you write blaze up the ball of pink fire in the solar plexus and imagine it is burning away all obstructions to self love. End with the affirmation, “I accept myself as lovable, capable and worthy.”

Coming soon …

In future posts, look out for information on how you can use the rhythms of the moon to help your garden flourish and how to make your housework easier to manage. I’ll even share the best time for haircuts and manicures!