Full moon in Virgo today and lunar eclipse

lunar eclipseDid you feel it? Did you see the eclipse?
Talk about powerful stuff up there!

Both Mr Green and I had the most vivid dreams in between bouts of restlessness.

It’s time to take responsibility for our own health and to face the body/mind/spirit connections head on. Virgo knows that the physical body is the last place of manifestation of illness and that spiritual or emotional unrest has been going on chronically before our physical disease shows.
Take a moment to go within and reflect on your life. Any health issues illustrate where we need to make changes.

This is the ideal full moon to start a new dietary regime or to begin a detox routine and to stop unhealthy habits.

This is also the time to work on the inner critic that Virgo so loves. Put the perfectionist tovirgo one side. Utilise your critical side but keep it in check. Loving support is what you need to give yourself, not excuses to beat yourself up.

Virgo is associated with service and this is a good time to combine the healing side of Virgo with service, by reaching out to others less fortunate than yourself. During the new moon in Pisces, we reflected the desire for compassion and peace. Tonight you can take these gifts out into the world. Through healing others, you heal yourself.

Your task tonight is to harness attention to detail, and its consequential critical insight, to the sense of service and healing proffered by its opposite sign, Pisces. Then pragmatism can wed with mysticism.

Ritual for full moon in Virgo.

Taken from Donna Cunningham’s ‘Moon Signs’ book

virgo constellationSelect one area of your life where you’re very self-critical about yourself. Visualise yourself and the entire situation surrounded by lavender light. Affirm that you love yourself and are presently doing the best you can. Ask your Higher Self for new ideas on how to do better and expect the answer during this moon sign. End with the affirmation: ” I release my addiction to perfection.”