New moon and solar eclipse in Cancer

josephine wall cancerToday is the new moon at 19 degrees Cancer. The new moon is at 20:40 (BST), along with a solar eclipse! Wherever 19 degrees Cancer falls in your birth chart will signify important turning points in your evolutionary journey over the next six months.

Eclipses ask us to look at the house in which the eclipse falls to see where we might experience stresses and new learnings.

For me, it falls in my 3rd house, the house of communication! I’ll be looking at how I communicate with myself and others and seeing how I can improve things.

Eclipses and crisis

Eclipses mean crisis. They shake things up, bring old things to an end and show us where we can begin again. With this in mind I might expect myself to be misunderstood, causing arguements or finding myself in situations where communication breaks down. Conversely, with this knowledge at hand I can find ways to improve the way I communicate. Perhaps I’ll need to take a breath before I speak, be a little more patient or speak more clearly. Maybe now is the time to sign up for a writing or public speaking course.

With the moon in Cancer, I might be keeping my true feelings hidden – the eclipse may well bring up situations in which my communication bursts out uncontrollably or becomes restrained; neither of which is particularly helpful.


Where does this eclipse fall in your chart? Wherever the eclipse falls indicates the area of your life that is going to undergo change, will be the area of focus or will require a lot more of your attention for the following five to six months. However, armed with knowledge, you can turn a crisis into an opportunity, work with the energies and use them to your advantage.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]

This is a powerful new moon to re-evaluate your life. Are you living the life you want? Are you happy and healthy?  Are you attending to your life purpose? Find out what nurtures you and nourishes you and be sure to bring more of that into your life….

Personal reading

Want to know how this solar eclipse will effect you personally? By looking at the house this falls in, we can determine the areas of focus for the next six months. Send me your date, place and exact time of birth (I cannot help you without this accurate information) and we can ascertain which things to let go of and which habits to break.

This solar eclipse is going to be powerful with many traditional values being threatened or overthrown into chaos. By being aware of what is coming up, you’ll be empowered to assert your freedom and take control of the situation.

A reading costs $10 and you’ll get a 300-500 word hand written report which will speak deep to your soul and give you some pointers to get you fast tracked to success! Fill in a contact form with your name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth and I’ll send you paypal details. Once payment has cleared, your report will be with you in 3 days.

Meditation for the new moon in Cancer

Imagine you can locate the roots of your energy field or aura which are near your tailbone. Imagine there is a wonderfully soothing pink light gently pushing out any insecurity and replacing it with a feeling of being at home in the universe. Send roots down into the earth and draw nurturing and reassurance from the earth – feel nourished and cared for. End with the affirmation: “I am safe at home in the nurturing love of the Divine.”

Photo Credit: Josephine Wall.
Meditation from Donna Cunningham’s “Moon Signs” book