New moon in Leo

"leo" by artist Josephine Wall

"leo" by artist Josephine Wall

The Leo new moon is on Tuesday 10th August at 05:08

This new moon is the time to focus on issues pertaining to Ego (know thyself), Power, Self expression, creativity and Romance.

It is time to reconnect with who you truly are and your purpose. So many of us sway from our life path, instead doing something to bring in money and survive. If you’re feeling in a rut or that parts of your life are not in tune with your higher values and purpose, this is a great new moon to explore this and make a commitment to walking your life path.


Rekindle the relationship with yourself and start to take responsibility for who you are and your actions. Rebuild yourself as an expression of truth and honour, rather than performing for others in the hope of recognition or attention. Until you know yourself, you cannot take responsibility for yourself. Until you know yourself, you cannot reach out to others with the compassion and generosity that Leo knows so well.

Personal power

It is also time to gain control of personal power, far from needing to dominate; reconnect with the resources within and be powerful from the inside out, rather than trying to gain power in an arrogant way. From this naturally follows Leo’s gift of holding a flaming torch for us all to follow –  but one which is altrustic and inspiring, rather than dogmatic and forceful or manipulating.


This is an auspicious time for romance. If you are looking for a partner, it is a particularly powerful time for ritual work surrounding bringing someone into your life. If you already have a partner then wine, dine and spoil each other. Above all else, have lots of fun. Use this powerful combination of new moon and Leo’s energies to look at areas where the romantic side of your realtionship needs attention.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]

Have fun!

Let your mane down, have some fun and you may find that you charm people into your life who will help you with this months goal. With the new moon in Leo, you can learn to put your pride to one side and accept that it is ok to get help, also that it is ok to take back stage every once in a while – you don’t always need to be in the limelight. Any areas where you are lacking self worth or self love will be beneficially helped by making a comittment to positive change through this moon cycle and a lovely altruistic goal would be to dedicate some time helping and working with children.


The body’s power of detox and self healing are at their highest during the new moon – this is the ideal time for a motnhly fast or to begin a new dietary regime and the best time to renew a resolution to give up a bad habit. WIth the moon in Leo you may notice more strain on your lower back – this is the time for gentle stretching exerices such as yoga or tai chi and to use the day for movement, not computer work. Leo rules the heart too, so avoid excess stress today if you suffer from high blood pressure – this is a good day to take remedies to strengthen the heart.

Ritual for new moon in Leo

(taken from Donna Cunningham’s Moon Signs book)

Light up our solar plexus and your brain with pink light. Write down all your negative beliefs about your self. Underneath each one write several tines, “I release the belief that I am…….” As you write blaze up the ball of pink fire in the solar plexus and imagine it is burning away all obstructions to self love. End with the affirmation, “I acept myself as lovable, capable and worthy.”