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New moon in Sagittarius

Submitted by on Wednesday, 16 December 2009 Loading Add to favourites  No Comment

sagThe new moon is at 24 degrees Sagittarius at midday today! This new moon provides you with the opportunity to revamp your spiritual practise.

If you have been doing the same spiritual practise over and over without question or stopping to assess the benefits, now is the time to expand your mind and to question your beliefs. Sagittarius is interested in the quest for meaning and of faith.

As we come to this part of the year when the outer world is hibernating, we need to seek our inner truths to find the fire and the spark that will serve to feed us and keep us warm during the winter months.

Should, ought, must

If you are doing anything in your life through a sense of obligation or because you have been told you should, then this is the time to question ‘what am I doing?’ versus ‘what do I feel I would like to be doing?’ Any time you answer a question with ‘I ought to…..’, ‘I should……’, ‘I must…..’ you are living someone else’s truth, not your own. Sagittarius craves freedom, so free yourself from all that negatively controls you in your life and goes against what you feel to be your innter truth and belief. Look at where you have given away your power and use the energies of this new moon to begin re-claiming it. [amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]

Take aim carefully. What we send out from here goes into the wider world and will be the roots from which new ideas and entities of our creation grow.

Plant seeds for new growth

Ritual provides very powerful symbols which speak to the body, mind and soul. Take a seed for each new goal that you are seeking to accomplish. Hold the seeds one by one in cupped hands, until you have thoroughly visualised each intention then plant the seeds into a bowl of earth.

Wherever 24 degrees Sagittarius falls in your natal chart may indicate the opportunity to increase your understanding and awareness, expand your horizons and find the courage to branch out into new ways of thinking. Email me your birth date, place and exact time and I’ll let you know what this means for you!

Ritual for new moon in Sagittarius

Fill your body and brain with yellow light. Imagine a manypetaled yellow flower opening in the centre of your forehead. Then think of something you’re doing on a small scale now that you’d like to see happening in a big way. Put that thing in a tiny yellow bubble at eye level. Send an inexhaustible stream of yellow light through the flower into the bubble. Watch it grow and grow. Finish with the affirmation “The growth of my mind and spirit is ever unfolding”.

Ritual taken from Donna Cunningham’s “moon signs”


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