New moon in scorpio

Scorpio - time for transformationIt’s the new moon in Scorpio today. Time for a bit of transformation in our lives!

Scorpio is the most investigative and penetrating sign of the zodiac. The new moon in Scorpio brings us a powerful time for spiritual rebirth. Scorpio rules birth, life, death, regeneration, transformation – the ideal toolkit for a bit of personal metamorphosis!
When the new moon is in Scorpio, we unearth the collective unconscious and find ourselves easily able to reach the spiritual planes. It’s the ideal time to probe deeply into our own lives, rethink our strategies and look for insight into ours and other’s motives.

This is a wonderful moon for self-healing, as Scorpio seeks deep truth and is not afraid to explore taboos in order to transform. Imagine Scorpio in the most evolved sense as a phoenix and this will show you the potential of this energy if you use it wisely. You have the opportunity to go up in flames and rise again from the ashes.

Don’t be afraid to use powerful energies to dig and delve deeply into those areas of your life which are causing you challenge – you will be able to see clearly what needs to be done; what needs to be birthed or transformed in order for you to have a more satisfying, rewarding life.

What we put out into the world comes back to us tenfold, so if you have a life full of misery, despair, fear and dissatisfaction question and reflect honestly over what you are projecting. This is the most powerful time to turn and face your fears, rather than running away from them. Make the commitment to let go of anything that is bringing negativity into your life; be it a relationship, a job or a behaviour.

It’s not easy and it is a little scary to do this work, but the rewards are a transformation in your life for the better. It requires honesty and deep seeking, but Scorpio brings with it a great power for you to utilise. You have at your disposal the chance for some metaphysical alchemy: to transmute the metaphorical lead of impure or selfish desires into the gold of purified desire.

Visualisation for new moon in Scorpio

Think of some parts of your life you would like to be healed. Make a strong link with your Higher Self and ask for the strength and hope to transform that part of yourself. Establish a firm intention that during the next few days the door will open to healing this part of you – whether a healer, therapist, self-help book or some new strength and insight that wells up from within. Imagine yourself opening up to a healing energy from spiritual sources and take in as much of this powerful healing energy as you need.
Finish with the affirmation, “I accept my capacity to transform my life.”

Visualisation taking from Donna Cunningham’s ‘Moon signs’ book