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new moon in virgoIt’s a new moon in Virgo tomorrow. I dedicated the last full moon post to some gorgeously quirky people over at The Psuedo Body Politic blog. Today’s post is going out to Melissa; editor of The Green Parent magazine. Melissa has recently started blogging, and I’ve discovered to my joy, that she’s a bit of a moon Goddess too; so pop over and say Hi to her 🙂

This is my favourite new moon of the year. I always feel energised to do a massive declutter and get things in order in my life. This is tying in perfectly with a little pledge I’ve taken over the following week.

I’ve got lots of things in the home that are on their way to charity shops or Freecycle, yet I never seem to get them there. I continue to live amongst piles of ‘stuff’ which are due to be dispatched ‘one day’.

So next week I’m sifting, sorting, decluttering, but most importantly, I’m DELIVERING things to the charity shop or LISTING them on Freecycle. And if the winds of fortune blow in my direction, I’d be rather pleased to SELL some items too.

With the new moon in Virgo, it is time to harvest – keep what you can use and that which works for you and discard the rest. In this darkness we begin to fill the creative spaces left by Leo’s clearing (it might be called a ‘weeding’, but there are no weeds where every plant is loved and desired) with what will become the seeds of new entities. Honour the virgo moon by clearing out – your garage, your home, your wardrobe, your filing cabinet and weed your poor habits, your negative emotional responses and your spiritual practise. Virgo asks us to balance our physical commitment to our health with spiritual awareness in order to achieve health and harmony.

We must build something that results in a tangible manifestation of an idea. Today you are asked whether you are happy and fulfilled in your work and whether you are offering service to others. This energy focuses on health and the giving of service. If you do nothing to serve others, then our minds often turns onto ourselves and we become our own harshest critic. We worry too much about personal imperfections and are never satisfied with our own standards – it’s ok to let go a little, float with the tide, give your imagination a chance to develop and thus accept human imperfections, particularly your own. This is the new moon to discriminate the difference between destructive criticism and simple wisdom. Listen to your inner critic and exchange “I am anxious……” to “I am eager……..”

If you have found in the past that you have a pattern of turning down wonderful opportunities because you felt you were not ready, not perfect enough, hadn’t practised enough, needed to study more, needed to do more research then this is the new moon to look at releasing your need to bail out of living because you perceive you are not perfect. Full on participation in life is the process by which one approaches perfection. Doing things not just right, but perfectly is the virgoan aspiration and one which can lead to destructive behaviour.

Virgo is the healer of the zodiac and we are forced to shift our awareness from the self (in Leo) to our responsibilities to the Universe, seeking ways to express the selfless part of us that is devoted to service – help the housebound lady down the road with her shopping, donate what you no longer need to those less fortunate than yourself, plan a Christmas box to send to an orphan this December, have a cup of tea with your lonely neighbour, walk rather than take the car, invest your money in ethical savings – through reaching out to others and honouring the planet comes the opportunity to heal your own suffering. Physical reactions are evoked here, depending upon the appropriateness of any path for our personal make up.

Ritual for new moon in Virgo

Moon Signs by Donna Cunningham
Select one area of your life where you’re very self-critical. Visualise yourself and the entire situation surrounded by lavender light. Affirm that you love yourself and are presently doing the best you can. Ask your Higher Self for new ideas on how to do better and expect the answer during this moon sign. End with the affirmation: ” I release my addiction to perfection.”

Ritual taken from Donna Cunningham’s ‘Moon signs’ book – click on the book to buy!

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