Taurus new moon

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Taurus by Josephine WallThe new moon is at 23 degrees Taurus at 02:04 this Friday.

Here we make plans for bringing indulgences and beautiful things into our lives.

When we have enough, our needs and basic wants are met, what is it that will bring greater creative energy and allow us to more effectively return our bounty to the world?


The new moon in Taurus is the time to review our values on all levels; to decide what we really want and what has outlasted it usefulness. These are the things upon which to meditate under the Bull’s New Moon. Set yourself financial goals that will help you maintain or create a sense of security and ultimately, abundance. Use this new moon to commit to regular saving and set a budget to spend wisely. By sending out these messages into the Universe you may be pleasantly surprised by what you can achieve with just a little effort and planning.


With the Taurus energies behind us, we have the required persistence and organisation to put these goals into practise. If you are looking for a new home, then this would be an auspicious time to make known your ‘wish list’ to the Universe: Create your perfect home in your mind and watch it manifest into reality.


We are given the opportunity with the new moon in Taurus to ask for guidance in learning the value of insight into the motives of others and ourselves, thus affording us the chance to help in the service of others. The moon in Taurus, asks us to balance hedonistic pleasures with giving to others. If you have fears about being left wanting, or negative attitudes about money then this is the night to do some work surrounding your beliefs. Ask yourself where those beliefs come from and look at the reality of your situation. Honour those things which you perceive as beautiful – people, colour, tastes, animals, art forms and interests – our attractions are clues a to how we can make a contribution to the world.


The moon in Taurus is not a time for hobbies – it is a time for passions! We are invited to create a setting where creative interaction can take place:  If nothing else, then go into the garden and smell the roses or cook yourself an indulgent meal that fills your senses with sensual delight. Make love – it is, after all the most natural and physical pleasure in the world…


“To what part of nature are you lovingly drawn?” croons Venus, ruler of Taurus. The human community depends upon intimate relationship to the natural world; recognise that you are a *part* of nature that has simply evolved into being human. It is time for us to co-operate with the land, rather than trying to dominate it – we cannot better nature, we need to live in harmony with her.


Ritual provides very powerful symbols which speak to the body, mind and soul. Take a seed for each new goal that you are seeking to accomplish. Hold the seeds one by one in cupped hands, until you have thoroughly visualised each intention then plant the seeds into a bowl of earth. Alternatively, hold three white budding flowers in your hands and verbally affirm three new goals with which you intend to work with in this moon’s cycle. Put the flowers in water in a place in your home, special to you – perhaps you have a place where you meditate or an altar. Imagine that as the flowers open out so will the potential held at the heart of your wishes unfold. Each day, go and look at the unfurling flowers and think about your goals. By the time they have fully opened, your aims will `be well on the way to fulfilment.

Photo Credit: “Taurus” by Josephine Wall

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