Can you manifest the life you want?

manifestation-of-prophecy Do you believe you control the destiny of your life, are you a believer in fate or do you think some ‘higher force’ dictates?

A friend told me of a wonderful experience she had this week.

She said “Last night I couldn’t sleep and I decided to work on a manifestation list of all the things I’d like to come into my life soon.

I had on there a sling for my toddler, some reusable nappies and enough money to top up what we’ve been saving in order to get a much needed car.

This morning my friend gave me most of her nappy stash as her son has just potty trained and a toddler sized sling to use until we no longer need it!

So I was walking home feeling pretty blessed and grateful and when we got in I had received a letter saying we were getting almost exactly the amount I’d written down in my list!

Isn’t that an incredible story?

I bet you want to know what she did, right?

Well so did I, so I asked her! Her manifestation technique draws from the Law of Attraction and quantum physics which is what the teachings of The Secret are based on. here’s what she says

” I find time on the new moon to clear a space and meditate, focusing on my breath.

When centred I read my list out loud, always starting with ,‘I ask for the following to come into my life now for my own good and for the good of all concerned.’ and giving intentional thought to each thing.

I then go through the list again, this time giving thanks for each thing and imagining I already have it; really trying to add emotion and envisage my life as it would be if I already had it (that last part was my own tweaking of a ritual I once read about because I’ve also read how you can change the energy and vibrations you attract by acting as if you already have what you want…therefore attracting it rather than sending out vibrations of want and absence and such, if that makes sense).

I find it works best when you’re in a place where you have done or are doing plenty for others. Maybe that’s karma or a more simple law of attraction or perhaps you inwardly feel more deserving when you are being more considerate and thoughtful and therefore see opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise.

I also find…and I’m not entirely sure why…but the best thing to do is ask for it and then forget about it. It’s as if by thinking too much about it you begin to send out the wrong energy. Like if you want a car but can’t help focusing on the absence of a car whilst asking for it.

Also I’ve noticed things manifest quicker if they’re things you need as opposed to want.”

I’m curious; have you ever used any manifestation techniques – did they work for you? Do you believe in this or think it’s questionable? The next new moon is on November 22nd if you’re ready to play!