Full moon in Gemini – and eclipse!

Gemini by Josephine WallWhat an auspicious day! Not only is Tuesday a full moon. Not only is it the winter Solstice, but it’s a full moon eclipse too!

The full moon in Gemini (Tuesday 21 Dec 2010 at 03:13) is the perfect opportunity to have a big party because Gemini loves nothing more than to socialise. The more diverse the range of people, the more fun you will all have. Share your waffle, your wit and your wisdom. Tell stories, read poetry and have a sing along. If you are far away from people tonight then get your thoughts down in letters and by email.

The moon has no light of its own; it merely reflects the light of the sun. The reflection of the moon tonight asks: “what are you a voice for?” This is the full moon to share your truths with those around you and to learn how to co-operate when other’s people truths and self-expression do not match your own.

Discard the old

Tonight we discard those emotional ties that bind us where it’s counter-productive. Under this Full Moon we’re asked to discard those images we find destructive, ineffective and displeasing, seeking instead images that compliment and uplift us. Mental distress can be found around those people and things whose energy is not appropriate to our own.


There is no need for approval from others in order for you to feel complete. Wholeness sought is found within – there is no mysterious twin or soul mate to make you complete and under the light of this moon we can gather together our many parts and re-unite ourselves bringing into balance our earthly existence with our spiritual connectivity and *then* we can truly share ourselves with others; offering ourselves as a voice for the things that have no voice.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0345347242[/amazon-product]

Loosen up!

Gemini rules the shoulders and if our plans are not moving in the direction we might choose then we may feel the effects in our shoulders. Loosen up in all senses of the word – have a gentle massage with calming, relaxing oils, take a walk in the fresh air, breath deeply and effectively, smell some uplifting essential oils and go and enjoy yourself with some friends.

New beginnings

It’s been a turbulent year for many; one where you may have faced many challenges surrounding all aspects of your life. Many have suffered loss in order to let go of the things that have been holding them back. Anything that has not been serving your higher purpose may well have been taken away from you in order to teach you acceptance and non attachment. But now, with the light of the moon reflecting all that is, you can move into 2011 with a greater sense of self awareness

Visualisation for full moon in Gemini

Imagine light in your choice of colours filling the contours of your brain. Ask for illumination on any matter needing clarification – over the next couple of days accept that you will be given an answer in some form; an article you ‘happen’ to read, an overheard conversation, a dream for example. Finish with the affirmation: “My mind unfolds to its highest level of development.”

Photo Credit: Josephine Wall