Happy Mother’s Day to our Earth Mother

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Earth MotherHappy Mother’s Day to mothers, carers and mother-figures everywhere. Most especially I would like us to help our Mother Earth; she who connects us all, to have a wonderful. gentle and love-filled day.

What simple action can we each do to help heal some of the devastation mankind has perpetrated on the earth today?

Our very thoughts carry the power to change the energy of the world. So feeling gratitude for all that we are and all that we have is a wonderful way to honour our Great Mother. Speak kind words, do kind actions, think kind thoughts and kindness will be yours……….

Going out to feel the wind in our hair, the ground beneath our feet, stopping to hear the messages in the bird song, smelling a flower, feeling the wisdom of the Standing People and smiling, arms up to the sky will make Her smile too.

Slowing down and feeling the true rhythm of life, the gentle ebbing and flowing of natureGifts from Mother Nature and the secrets whispered to us within is a way to respect the earth and ourselves. It’s a way to reconnect with all that we have forgotten and to find meaning and grace in our lives.

It’s a day for us to give instead of demanding so much. Give love, Give life, Give peace and healing. It’s a day for us to share the wonderful gifts we have been given so freely and so unconditionally throughout generations.

As you eat, drink, dream and breathe remember how blessed you are, how loved you are and how we have everything we need provided for us without question.

As custodians of the earth, we are entrusted to uphold life, unity and equality………

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