What could you do for Gaia today?

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goddessOne book which remains faithfully by my bed for moments of inspiration is “Goddesses for every season” by Nancy Blair.

It’s a collection of 52 Goddesses; one for every week of the year.

There is a beautiful illustration for each Goddess, a brief description of her energy and advice for how to use her energy in your own life.

Each page finishes with a prayer or affirmation. I read this book every day; as it only takes a few moments. Each time I feel infused with Goddess energy and it sets a positive and meaningful tone for my day.

This week’s Goddess, for the 8th week of Summer, is Gaia!

Known by countless names – Earth Mother, Mother nature, She sustains our lives with her own and She existed before time began. In fact, as Nancy Blair describes it, Time was one of Her children!

Throughout the ages, there have been many diverse Earth-honouring festivities to express gratitude for all that Nature provides us with.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1852306866[/amazon-product]

From lighting candles, strewing herbs in the home, singing, dancing, placing honey cakes in doorways to fire lighting; people all across the globe have their unique way of celebrating and honouring the giver of life.

As we are seeing the effects of climate change and realising that the way we live on the earth effects our future, it’s time for us to remember that all the Earth is one living creature and all the people and animals on it, are connected.

If you feel alone, take a long, deep, slow breath and remember that you are never alone. The simple act of breathing connects you with all that is. The air that you breathe is a gift from Gaia’s body.

Today, as we face global warming, the decline of many species of animals and plants, and as people around the world struggle to survive through lack of safe water or available food; think about the effects any action you take will have on the Earth.

This week, make a simple offering to Earth. Begin with “I promise …”

What could you do this week to help heal the  earth?

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