Days one and two of Buy Nothing Month

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Amazon - nearly tempted on day One!I had an interesting weekend with the Buy Nothing Month challenge. Saturday and Sunday were the 1st and 2nd day and I didn’t leave the house, which meant no shops! BUT I’m constantly plugged into the internet and we all know how easy and enjoyable a little 21st century digital shopping can be.
Mr Green bought a GPS from Amazon (I haven’t suggested a Buy It Nothing month to him as it wouldn’t be his thing) and I was thinking in a habitual way ‘Well, if he’s buying that and it’s being delivered here I might as well add a couple of things from my own Wishlist to save on postage’.

Of course, Amazon now offer free delivery on ALL purchases over five pounds, so that argument kind of falls flat on its face. BUT I didn’t give in! I remembered my Buy Nothing month and decided against some yummy books that I wanted. I can always put these things on my Christmas list and by then I will have decided if I really want them. I’m aware that if you give something space, you often find you didn’t really want it anyway. The only things on my wish list are things not listed in my library, as this is always a first resort for me.

On Sunday, Little Miss green had been to a party (presents were bought before I signed up for this) and was given a gorgeous dream journal in her party bag. I really wanted one too and found it on Amazon. It is a great book which encourages you to play with your creativity and imagination – this highly appeals to me.

I then thought of a friend of mine who would probably LOVE one of these journals too as a Christmas present. I had two in my Amazon shopping basket and then thought of Melissa’s post where she referred to making presents.

Most of the people in my family don’t really get the ‘hand made’ idea, but this particular friend does. So I’ve decided to make her a journal. It’s something I’ve never done before but I’m going to see how I get on. The making of it will be my own creative process, so now I don’t NEED a journal of my own as I will already be fully engaged in the creative process.

It will also really test me, because I don’t do arty things. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body as far as pens and paints are concerned. So it’s a real ‘feel the fear’ moment for me with all sorts of ‘art isn’t important’ and ‘You’re not good enough’ to ‘what are you wasting your time on that for?’ demons voicing off in my head.

As my fabby life coach always tells me ‘Tell them you’re going to do it anyway’. Touche!

So the weekend passed without a penny spent, despite two big ‘I want’ monster moments.

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