Full moon in Aquarius

Aquarius constellationHow often do you get to make someone’s dream come true? Not often I bet. But this morning, dear readers, I wield this enormous power and responsibility by dedicating this post to the honour of The Pseudo Body Politic (TPBP).

Do I understand their blog? Not on your nelly, but as they were good enough to miss my posts, fearing I had died from a vitamin deficiency, or that I was sitting here in the dark after Mr Green’s home made LEDs blew the circuitry, I’m good enough to share the love and do this one especially for them / her / him / whomever…. (and to report, that I am fighting fit with all trace elements in perfect balance AND the lights are working great off a car battery).

The word po-li-tic has me running from a room screaming, but these people are on to something; they are raising my lunar astrology section from the dead – how about that? What better gift to the cyber world for an Aquarius moon? The full moon is tomorrow (Saturday)

This is the full moon for getting involved in the larger picture. Aquarius is all about humanity as a whole, looking at the bigger picture and fighting for justice for the masses. Visionary and free thinking, this is the time to assess what you as an individual can contribute to the world at large. How do you relate to the world – how do your individual talents, thoughts and ideas affect others?

This is a very altruistic time when your thoughts will be with what you can do as a contributing member of society, with the consciousness that we are all interconnected, all related on some level and that every thought, word and deed we have affects all those around us in some way. It is time to face reality and instead of burying your head in the sand, take a look at what is happening around you and take your part in responsibility for it – get involved with your local community, join an action group that supports some of the values in life you adhere to and get your voice heard in order to make positive changes for the benefit of all. Aquarius the water bearer

Tonight, visions dance in the Moon’s light in the meadows of our minds, great dreams of worlds to come. Those that look full and lucid are ready to be released, so their form may begin to take on substance. The tears we cry here in the joy of realization and the sorrow of letting go carry nourishment to the roots we’ve sown, but it’s the mind that drives us to do what’s right (or suffers if we do not).

Ritual for moon in Aquarius

Think of something special about yourself, some way you are making a contribution to the world. It need not be an exalted contribution, but even your daily work serves the growth of humanity in some way. See how your work, or some facet of your life, interconnects with the lives of others. Visualise yourself holding the hands of people on either side of you. A link in the human chain spanning the whole world. End with the affirmation “I affirm my oneness with the human community.”

Ritual taken from Donna Cunningham’s “moon signs” – click on the book to Donna Cunningham - moon signsbuy!