Shopping neutral means going green!

shopping neutral - a green way to shop
According to eBay, Brits are among the savviest shoppers in Europe, second only to Germany. We’ve earned ourselves the title of those who ‘shop neutral’.

To ‘shop neutral’ means that we offset our spending by reselling goods online.  In particular, it refers to people who bought and sold on the site within a 10% margin (e.g. someone who buys £100 worth of goods and sells at least £90 worth during the same time).

Shopping neutral behaviour is triggered by both financial constraints and eco friendly consciousness. Ethically minded people like to recycle goods to reduce household waste, so sell on their unwanted items to others who want them.

Those who are feeling the credit crunch sell goods to fund new purchases and to feel more self sufficient in the process.

Whatever the motivation, shopping neutral is a more sustainable way of living in which the environment can benefit. So it’s a green way of shopping that gets my vote. It also plays into the idea that ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure’ which is the same philosophy as the fabulous Freecycle.

By shopping neutral, we can still indulge in one of our favourite past times, while keeping our eco conscience happy.