How to hit the road eco friendly style

Stimson explorer, for the great outdoorsWe haven’t had much of a summer in England this year, so any sunny day during autumn, will be taken full advantage of and we’ll be getting outside.

If you don’t want to invest in a gas guzzling camper van, but love the great outdoors, then Stimson Designs have come up with a great solution for a short getaway.

Their Stimson Explorer kit allows you to make the most of alfresco and on-the-move dining!

This Explorer kit is a compact gallery unit which will easily fit into the back of most cars. It folds out to provide lots of workspace and food preparation surfaces. It has a built in cooler box, water carrier, camping stove and a lift out sink for easy cleaning. It’s everything you need in a compact kit!

The unit is made from galvanised steel and aluminium, so will last for years. But if it needs to go for trash one day, at least it can be recycled because it is all made from metal.

It even comes with a utensils drawer, chrome mug rack and chopping board!

If you have a large car, you can use it in the back of the car, or it can be adjusted for use on the ground or up to one metre in height.

So if you love going away for the weekend, but want to keep it eco friendly, then why not check one of these beauties out?