Mrs Green’s stories

energyIt’s time for my roundup of some of the world’s green stories.

Here you’ll find stories about reducing your carbon footprint, conserving water, green technology or natural health.

America’s greenest companies

Many people starting their environmentally friendly journey want to know which companies are greenest so they can become ethical consumers.

According to research the top 10 greenest companies in America include Disney and Walmart!

Have a read of “America’s 10 greenest brands” and let me know what you think of the results!

Less is more

We live a pretty simple life here at Chez Green. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy treating myself or having the odd shopping splurge, but we question the things we buy, try and keep the things we already have and take care of each other and things that bring us meaning and value.

Over on Re-nest, an interesting discussion has been taking place about living more simply.

Check out their “Simple Green: Living with less“. Can you live with less?

Rise in green energy

Ecotricity, the independent UK renewable electricity company, has announced an eight per cent rise in the amount of green energy in its fuel mix.

According to its annual Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD) figures for April 08 to March 09, Ecotricity has increased the total amount of green energy in its fuel mix to 46 per cent. The national average for 2008/09 is just 5.9 per cent.

Read the full story on “Ecotricity reveals eight per cent rise in green energy“.

Do you use green energy? Which provider do you use?